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AFP News Agency

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#BREAKING Two Indian military jets crash, one injured pilot found: police

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AFP News Agency

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#BREAKING Iran to send Ukraine airline black boxes to France 'soon,' Trudeau says

AFP News Agency

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#BREAKING Mali president to hold talks on new unity government

AFP News Agency

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#BREAKING Police choke holds 'will be banned' except extreme circumstances, Trump says

Latest intelligence update by @DefenceHQ on #Ukraine🇺🇦

Ministry of Defence 🇬🇧

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Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 28 January 2023

Find out more about the UK government's response:

🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦

Another image of Alqam Khayri, the terrorist who killed 7 people in Jerusalem synagogue on the Holocaust remembrance day.

Yunus Emiroğlu

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İşte Kudüs'ün Aslanı
Şehadetin mübarek olsun.

محمد الداية 🇵🇸

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المُنتَقِمِ لِدِمَاء شُهداء جَنِين، وَصَاحِبُ الرَّد المُزلزَل وَالسَّرِيعِ..

- الشَّهِيد خَيْري علقم -تَقَبَّلَه اللَّه


ID of the terrorist of Jerusalem has been published: Alqam Khayri, 21 y/o, from eastern Jerusalem.

Aurora Intel

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Alqam Khayri, reportedly responsible for this evenings shooting attack in Jerusalem.


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صورة خيري علقم منفذ عملية القدس وهو من مخيم شعفاط في القدس.🇵🇸


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Khairy Alqam, a 21-year-old East Jerusalem resident who supposedly has no prior charges, has been named as the gunman at the Jerusalem synagogue : by Hebrew medias

Shortly after the operation, he was shot dead

Aviva Klompas

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The scene inside the Jerusalem synagogue where Jews were murdered in cold blood.

Aleph א


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قتلى اليهود اليوم بمستوطنة نافيه يعقوب بالأرض المحتله الفلسطينيه،
🤲 اللهم احصهم عددا ولا تبقى منهم أحدا،

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian

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Gunfire heard in footage apparently taken from the area of the attack.

Aleph א


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⚡️В Иерусалиме в синагоге произошла стрельба. По предварительным данным, погибли как минимум пять человек, еще пять получили ранения

Rebecca Rambar

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Israël : On signale au moins 8 morts et 10 blessés dans une fusillade survenue à proximité d'une synagogue à Jérusalem, rapporte le Jerusalem Post. L'agresseur a été tué par la police alors qu'il tentait de s'enfuir

Arsen Ostrovsky

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You can hear the gunshot wounds in this video from #Jerusalem, as the terrorist was massacring Jewish worshippers at a Synagogue on Shabbat.

U.S. Central Command

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Today, the CENTCOM commander met with the Jordan Armed Forces Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Aleph א

SkyScanWorld ✈️🚁📡

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#USAF 🇺🇸 - C-40B - 02-0042 - #SAM886

Over The Atlantic & Heading To MacDill AFB 🇺🇸

Likely CENTCOM Commander Michael Kurilla Returning To HQ US Central Command 🇺🇸 After Meeting With Jordanian Senior Military Officials In Amman 🇯🇴

Routing: Amman 🇯🇴 -> Shannon 🇮🇪 -> MacDill 🇺🇸

U.S. Central Command

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WATCH: The Juniper Oak 23.2 final video

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Część źródeł mówi o ostrzale rosyjskich pozycji w miejscowości Skadowsk (obwód chersoński). Ukraińcy mieli użyć zestawów HIMARS.

Published video of #IDF 🇮🇱 strikes on Hamas terror organization's positions in Gaza

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צבא ההגנה לישראל

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תיעוד של תקיפות צה"ל ברצועת עזה במהלך הלילה:

Francesco Comito

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🧵Gaza bombing: The IDF has posted more videos of IAF night strikes on Hamas websites.