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This kind of weather in Pretoria makes me wish I was a Mahlalela all over again

Bishop Faash 🔴

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me telling my friends to talk to their crush vs me trying to talk to my crush


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I can't accept the fact that tomorrow is Monday. Can we have extra hours in Sundays 😟😔


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Now that payday is on the horizon,you are sending me good morning texts ka di heart emoji


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"I want you back " that's a text from your ex,Reply using a meme

I will start :

Bad energy
Negative people


A king does not take orders 🧸

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Don't apologize if you're still going to do the same things you were sorry for.


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“Where are you? Come home, right now” - Someone’s daughter 🙄


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I don't why but Just have a good laugh guys 😅😅😅😅😅



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How other guys chow your "pillar of strength


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Как правильно фотографироваться в отпуске

Часть 2

Анекдоты и приколы

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Как правильно фотографироваться в отпуске

Часть 2

Пьяный Твиттер

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Как правильно фотографироваться на отдыхе


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After ukudlelwa, waiting for karma to deal with them...

Omo Baba Ologbon

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Chelsea fans wiating for the day Antonio Conte's Chelsea beats Arsenal #ARSCHE


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"Eh wesisi, angifuni nje ukulwa nawe, ngicel' ubuyisele la ukhiphe khona"

Nceba S. Radebe

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"Sisi lalela, wuvale sengathi uyawuphakamisa kodwa uwehlise bese uyawudonsa"


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This could be us but you gave up on me @slyrie


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Perfect explanation for this picture 💯👏🏽

IG Cally _ Letso 🏳🌈

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"Ung'Thela ngamathi i very important when loosing an Argument !😕😕

Ted Donald Phaladi 🎯

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If you already had sex this year you're a hoe ☝

The black mermaid.

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Ausi Flora is the real Christian. Forgiving. Not like Malefu. #TheRiver1Magic


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@TTTheBraniac Ladies Imagine not wearing makeup because men claim they don’t like it


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Couples at the mall.


Blacks:🚶🏿‍♀️ 🚶🏿‍♂️

Why ninje abo darki 🤦🏿‍♀️

Kasi Food Delivery

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Fly by Night Colleges be like: Graduate now and study later.