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taegi⁷흠 semi ia 📚

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a video dedicated to
yoongi’s number one fanboy, taehyung
ft. seesaw

taegi⁷흠 semi ia 📚

tefi bear🐻🇨🇱

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taehyung é muito eu na vida quando se trata do yoongi

taegi⁷흠 semi ia 📚

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“hey yoongi,
you say you want be reborn as a pebble next time, don’t worry. fuhgeddaboudit, i’ll put you in my pocket and tour the vistas of world, pipple-pebble.” - 🐯

cynthia 🧃

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my favorite orange haired fairies 🌟


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BTS 방탄소년단 ; strangers from hell

taegi⁷흠 semi ia 📚

❥ 드림밍 🕊

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เข้าฉายวันไหนคะ เรื่องนี้ 😂

karina 🌵

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me: i’m not worried about the charli and chase drama
also me checking ttr:

sarah lugor!

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thread of all of my spongebob pictures since y’all keep asking

na☻mi⁷ (semi ia)

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guys hear me out yoongi did a collab with heize you know who also did a collab with heize dean and that means the possibility of a yoongi x collab are high

audrey ⁷ ₁₃ jimin misser ♡ 🧈

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butter era jimin. ♡

taegi⁷흠 semi ia 📚

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me reading theories, thinking everyone is so right

taegi⁷흠 semi ia 📚

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they all sang so well but seokjin hits so different, you don’t understand 😞